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Where do your flowers come from? 
From more places than we have been! Within the region we have flowers from Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Japan, and from farther out – New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Columbia, Holland, USA etc.

How do you choose your flowers? 
We base our selections on working with reliable, perennial favourites, as well as interesting seasonal flowers, guided by the colour preference and bouquet you select.

Can you create exactly the same bouquet as this picture reference? 
We hesitate doing exact bouquet reproductions to allow for creative freedom, and to expose ourselves to working with new flower varieties.

We will try our best to replicate the style and colour, but it won’t be exactly the same due to seasonal differences which will affect the availability/ colour/ size/ shape of each bloom. Even the same flower in the same colour will have peculiarities in shade and tone. Such is the virtue of nature!  Email us at with a picture reference of your brief, if this is something you’d like to ask about!

Do you do custom arrangements? 
Yes we do. Custom wrapped bouquets or vase arrangements are from $150 depending on flower preference and selection. Email your picture reference and/or your brief to with at least a week’s notice.

How do you wrap your bouquets? 
We finish our bouquets simply with brown kraft paper or beige fibre paper - neutral and minimal so that our flowers take centrestage. All other coloured wraps are discontinued.

Can I order one of your wrapped bouquets as my bridal bouquet?
No - the two are completely different. 

Bridal bouquets are made-to-order, made to be more lush, significant, special. Before we arrive at your final bouquet recipe, we go through ideas with you, fine tune them and come up with visual references to guide our work. Bridal bouquets usually have a larger variety of flowers, if not more stems of flowers, that are specially ordered to create your desired look and feel.

On the whole, bridal bouquets requires more time, round-the-island legwork, meticulous handiwork, for procuring, conditioning, pruning, priming, arranging, wiring to form the shape and accent the final piece.

Do your flowers come in vases? 
The default arrangements come as wrapped bouquets, but you can add a vase for $15. 

What vases do you use if I choose to add one? 
We use simple cylinder or taper vases. Regular-sized arrangements are made in 12 - 15cm tall vases, medium-sized arrangements in 20 - 25cm high vases, and large arrangements in 30 - 35cm high vases.

How do I care for the flowers? 
If you receive a wrapped bouquet, remove the wrapping and place the flowers in a vessel with clean tap water. Change water and give the stems a 1cm trim, daily.

If you receive a vase arrangement in floral foam, simply add tap water to the vase.

If you receive a vase arrangement showing bare stems in water, dispose of the water, refill with clean tap water, and give the stems a 1cm trim, daily.

Remove any fading petals, leaves or stems to prevent it from contaminating the water.

There's a length of wire or wooden stick taped to a stem. What is that?
Flowers with soft stems may be prone to breakage. To ensure that it is well-supported within the bouquet, we add what we call a "false stem" so that it is easier for you to handle. 

How long will the flowers last?

Flowers typically last 3-5 days in our local heat and humidity. To prolong the life of your arrangement, make sure the water and vessel is clean and changed daily. Remove any fading petals, leaves or stems to prevent it from contaminating the water. 


How do I order? 
Go to our online store, select the item, size, colour, plus all the relevant fields, and add it to cart. At the cart, select your delivery or collection date and time, enter a message to accompany your order. Click check out to enter your delivery details and follow the simple instructions to make credit card payment via Stripe's platform.

Why can't I select my delivery or collection for tomorrow?
Our online store only allows for orders 2 to 14 days in advance of your desired delivery date. For urgent, same day, or next day deliveries, please call 6337 6398 to check on flower and earliest delivery schedule availability.

Can I add a message card with my order? 
Yes, you can enter your message in your cart after adding the product. We will put it on a plain folded A6 card and attach it to your flower order. Please keep your message to 500 characters to fit the card.

How do I know if my order is being processed? 
Upon check out and payment via Stripe, you will receive an automated email reply and an order number.

What if I made a mistake in my order? 
Call us at 6337 6398 or email us at immediately! Quote your order number and delivery date so that we can sort it out quickly for you.


Are flower deliveries available everyday?
Deliveries are available every day EXCEPT Sundays, Public Holidays, and selected dates. These exceptions will be blocked out on the calendar selection on your check out page. Upon selecting an available date, choose from the following delivery slots: 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 5pm, 6  8pm.

How much is the delivery charge? 
Delivery is charged at $15 per item to Singapore addresses, except P.O. Box addresses and unless otherwise stated. Re-delivery, re-direction will incur additional charges of minimum $15. Delivery during peak periods such as selected Eves or Public Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, may also incur additional charges.

Does the team deliver my order personally? 
No, we engage a trusted external courier company to transport our work, so that we can concentrate on doing what we do best – preparing your flowers personally.

How are the flowers presented to the recipient during delivery? 
The flowers are presented in your choice of a wrapped bouquet or vase arrangement, including a message card and decorative ribbon, without any extra gift boxes, bag or filling. 

What if my recipient is not available to receive the delivery? 
If no recipient or representative is available, the courier will call the recipient and/or sender for further instructions. If both parties cannot be contacted via telephone, the flowers will be left at a reception/ front desk, or at the door. Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged items from that point on.

Should any party (sender or recipient) request for a re-direction to a different address or a re-delivery at another time slot (within the next 24 hours), it will only be scheduled upon payment of a $15 re-direction fee by either party.

Can I collect my order at your store? 
Yes. You can collect your flowers at our store every day before 7pm except Sundays, Public Holidays, and selected dates. These exceptions will be blocked out on the calendar selection after you check out your shopping cart. 

Last updated 13 June 2017