frequently asked questions - weddings and events

Glad you like our work enough to want to know more!
Here are some FAQs for bite-sized information. 

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What wedding flowers do you do?
Here's a list of all the floral wedding work that we do. In no way do you need one of each item, if it doesn’t suit your event. If you have a bright idea of something new we should do, tell us!

See samples of our work here and here or check out our Instagram and Pinterest too.

Bridal flowers - personal use
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Pin boutonnieres/ corsages, hand corsages
  • Bridesmaid, flower girl bouquets or baskets
  • Floral coronets/ hair bands/ hair clips
  • Bridal car décor
  • Thank you bouquets
Wedding decor - ceremony/ reception/ banquet flowers
  • Garlands (for doorways, stair banisters, overhead hanging etc)
  • Arch/ arbor/ chuppah (for entrance, stage etc)
  • Floral stands and pedestals
  • Floral wall (for photowall, backdrop, stage etc)
  • Floral structures/ wall/ pillar hangings
  • Table styling/ centrepieces (for reception, signing, cocktail, VIP/ guest dining tables etc)
  • Large centrepieces (for altar/sanctuary, foyer etc)
  • Chair floral decor (for bride and groom, witnesses, guests etc)
  • Aisle floral décor (for church, ballrooms etc)
  • Buffet/ dessert/ bar/ cake floral décor

How much do wedding decor flowers cost?
We've decorated weddings from $2,500 to $50,000. It all depends on your budget, venue, if you're catering for a guestlist of 10, 100 or 1,000, and how simple, lush, or elaborate you want it to look. 

Do you have a minimum spend?
No, we don't.

Why don't you have any wedding packages?
This gives you flexibility in your planning and transparency in our pricing. Let us know what you need and we will put together a detailed, itemized quotation for you.

Why are bridal bouquets more expensive than everyday wrapped bouquets?
Bridal bouquets are made-to-order, made to be more lush, significant, special. Before we arrive at your final bouquet recipe, we go through ideas with you, fine tune them and come up with visual references to guide our work. Bridal bouquets usually have a larger variety of flowers, if not more stems of flowers, that are specially ordered to create your desired look and feel.

On the whole, bridal bouquets requires more time, round-the-island legwork, meticulous handiwork, for procuring, conditioning, pruning, priming, arranging, wiring to form the shape and accent the final piece.

Can I walk into your store for a meeting?
No, unfortunately we cannot accomodate walk-ins. Fix your appointment in advance for our undivided attention.

What do I have to prepare for our meeting?
Think about all the items you need, overall theme, colour palette, venue provisions, your attire etc. 

If you're clueless - bring pictures that speak to you, tell us about yourself, tell us what you have planned so far, and we'll distill the details for your wedding style.

When should I schedule an appointment for my wedding?
Speak with us anytime from 3 to 6 months in advance of your wedding. 

Up to 12 months in advance is fine too, but note that our quotations are valid only for only one month. If your order is not yet confirmed with a deposit to secure your wedding date as well as the listed prices, we may implement reviewed prices in a new quotation.

What happens during our meeting with you?
Share about yourself, what you have in mind, and we’ll show you our portfolio. The suggestions we make and the overall discussion will be built around your input and how you’d like us to contribute!

We may only be able to follow up with the quotation via email after our meeting. This is due to the customized nature of our work. Each quotation is tailored according to the details of our discussion – which may include seasonal flowers, volume of materials, or your budget.

How do I book you as my wedding florist?
Our wedding slots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. To confirm your order with us as your wedding florist, we will take a non-refundable 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is due one month before your wedding.

How many weddings do you take every week?
It depends. Because we don't have minimum spend, we take on up to six bridal flower orders, or up to four decor set-ups.

How do I know what to expect of the flowers?
Following your deposit, we will prepare a visual deck with references to the overall look and style of your wedding, together with flowers we expect to be in season for use during your wedding.

Can I get a mock-up of the actual flowers before the wedding?
Yes, ask us for a quotation, but note that we need at least one week’s notice to fulfill this order. Flowers used here may not be exactly the same as the visual deck or actual day flowers due to seasonal differences.

What happens to the flowers after the event?
Depending on your floral arrangements, you can have your guests take them home, or arrange for them to be sent to a charity of your choice. The latter option will involve additional costs for transportation. Do note that the vases, props and paraphernalia are on a rental basis only and remain the property of Floral Magic. Ask us more!


What is bridal-to-go?
bridal-to-go is the fast food equivalent of our bridal flowers – quick, reliable, satisfying and at a fraction of the price of our custom wedding work. Select one of eight themes from our menu, and pick your items – bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, coronets, and some decor accents. Great if you

Quick T&CS

Why can you do bridal-to-go cheaper than your custom wedding work?
Our eight themes on the menu are built on a base of perennially available flowers that we often use, allowing us to pass the economies of scale to you with a lower price. These items are smaller and simpler than the full-fledged custom bridal flowers that we do. We still take pride in materializing them with our signature style, but without the need for extra consultations, planning, sourcing, round-the-island legwork, or meticulous handiwork.

Last updated 6 November 2017